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Our innovative ingredients help e-sport athletes reduce gaming injuries and fatigue, while improving nutritional intake.

The global gaming industry has seen a massive boom in recent years, as people search for social interaction and immersive experiences continue to grow at pace. That coupled with the continued growth of mobile gaming has seen the community grow by 500 million users in the past three years, making it worth in excess of $300 billion in 2021* – more than the movie and music industries combined.

Its value is predicted to steeply climb over the coming years as Gen Z now seek out more online interactions over real world ones when hanging out with their friends. Making the Metaverse the next social revolution for people to see and hear their favourite music artists, watch the latest movies or explore the world within gaming environments with their buddies.

The brands that embrace this seismic shift in consumer behaviour will be the ones that reign supreme in 2022 and beyond.

The gaming landscape
With the online gaming space predicted to be the next cultural shift in society, there are huge opportunities for brands to feed the demands of this growing audience. We’re already seeing music, fashion and entertainment brands partnering with gaming platforms to offer exclusive content and experiences such as virtual gigs, digital clothing and exclusive screenings that you can’t experience anywhere else. All of which is making these spaces the coolest destinations to hang out.

And with all this extra time being spent online, we are witnessing the rise of the e-sport athlete. People that spend many hours perfecting their craft to be the best in their field, while creating kudos amongst their peers. With the very best turning this hobby into a lucrative  full-time profession.

But like traditional athletes, these e-sport athletes suffer from injury too. With Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) being one of the key culprits, alongside mental fatigue, headaches, visual issues and back and neck discomfort.

Introducing the GAMING HEROES
To help combat this we’ve created a range of innovative ingredients to help feed all gamers quest for glory.

We’ve named them our GAMING HEROES. A range of tasty, easy to digest food and beverage concepts that help gamers stay in peak condition when they’re in the zone.

From healthy beverages and bars to energy shots and sweets – all designed to improve gamers snacking habits and nutritional intake, while helping to reduce injury and fatigue.

But these products aren’t just for the online elite, they’re designed for anyone that enjoys gaming and wants to fuel up when they’re in the middle of world domination. Each product is designed to feed a specific need and instantly satisfy a craving. Helping every gamer to stay on peak performance through a range of quick, easy and healthier products that won’t interrupt the gaming experience.



The science behind our e-gaming ingredients
Our GAMING HEROES contain TENDOFORTE®, specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) from GELITA. They have a direct impact on joint and tendon health, strengthening tendons & ligaments, while creating optimal joint mobility, reducing potential injury. They can also speed up recovery times of gamers with existing injuries. 

Pre-clinical and clinical trials show the positive effects of TENDOFORTE®, especially when combined with physical activity. The risk of injury and RSI decreases considerably, whilst flexibility improves.

More nutritional gaming snacks
Our product solutions not only prevent injury, they are also more nutritional and flavoursome than many existing gaming snacks.

Thanks to our FLAVOUR LAB and VITS & MINS LAB we’re also able to offer a range of vitamin premixes that can be added to any solution and deliver them in a wide variety of tasty flavours too. This allows our customers to get creative with the range of products they offer their customers.

Collaborate with us in our LABS to unlock a world of food and beverage opportunities.

Gaming clusters

Energy gels

Energy bars

Gaming gums

Energy beverages

Energy shots

GAMING HEROES product inspiration
Our e-gaming ingredients can be applied to a range of food and beverage products and in a variety of flavours. 

– Cluster snacks
Healthier, more nutritious gaming snacks to help you top up your energy levels

– Energy gels
A concentrated liquid boost to help you power through until the bitter end

– Snack bars
Nut, fruit or chocolate bars that keep you on your A game

– Gaming gums
Confectionery gummies in a range of flavours to keep you going in the wee hours

– Beverages & RTDs
In a range of flavours to keep you hydrated in the heat of battle

– Energy shots
A quick energy boost when the pressure’s on to score the winning goal.

Get in touch
By collaborating with our specialist teams, we can work with you to create completely bespoke e-gaming products of your own. Contact us today to hear how we can help you tap into the emerging gaming market.

For the full scientific facts and data around our e-gaming products or to find out how we can create e-gaming products for you and your customers, contact us today.

Source: *Accenture (NYSE: ACNE) **

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